Friday, May 20, 2011

Trust me with your isaac

I first came across this poem in College. I still look back to it as a great reminder. Hope it bless you too:

Trust Me with Your Isaac

For every Abraham who dares
to kiss a foreign field
where glory for a moment grasped
Is for a lifetime tilled…

The voice of God
speaks not but once
but ‘til traveler hears
“Abraham! Abraham! Bring your Isaac here!”

“Bring not the blemished sacrifice.
What lovest thou the most?
Look not into the distance,
you’ll find your Isaac close.”

“I hear the tearing of your heart
torn between two loves,
the one your vision can behold
the Other hid above.”

“Do you trust me, Abraham
with your gravest fear?
Will you pry your fingers loose
and bring your Isaac here?”

“Have I not made you promises?
Hold them tight instead!
I am the Lover of your soul—
the Lifter of your head.”

“Believe me, O my Abraham
when blinded by the cost.
Arrange the wooded altar
and count your gains but loss.”

“Let tears wash clean your blinded eyes until unveiled you see—
the ram caught in the thicket there
to set your Isaac free.”

“Perhaps I’ll send him down the mount
to walk right by your side.
No longer in your iron grasp
but safer still in mine.”

“Or I may wrap him in the wind
and sweep him from your sight
to better things beyond your reach—
believe with all your might!”

“Look up, beloved Abraham.
Can you count the stars?
Multitudes will stand to reap
from one dear friend of God.”

“Pass the test, my faithful one;
bow to me as Lord.
Trust me with your Isaac—
I am your great Reward.”

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fellow Missioners

Dear Fellow Missioners,

Make Way Partners often uses the title “fellow missioners” to address our supporters. Honestly, I never gave it much thought, until recently.

Just a few days ago, David wrote me an email about an employee at Mtn Brook High School who asked David if he could play a role in our journey to Congo. He was earnestly excited about us going, and wanted to help.

I also reflect on the many members of Brookwood and St. Elias who have shared with us their desire to be a part of our journey. Then I reflect back to the title “fellow missioners”. I am beginning to see that me and David going to Congo isn’t really just “our journey”. In a sense, it is all of our journeys. We are all ‘fellow missioners’. While all of our role

s may look different, we are all fellow missioners, on the same Mission…. This is HIS Mission and HIS Journey for us.

Since working with Make Way Partners, I have seen the weight and necessity of ‘fellow missioners’. It was the fellow missioners’ prayers that God used to prevent my mother’s plane crash just a few weeks ago. It was the fellow missioners’ prayers that God used to bring Baby Elijah in Sudan from near death to vibrant life. It was the fellow missioners’ donations and support that God used to build dormitories, schools and churches for over 1,000 orphans who would have most certainly died without their help. It was the fellow missioners’ willingness to go on short term trips to Sudan and Romania that God used to bring hope, education and healing to those that feared they were forgotten.

I find great comfort in knowing this move to Congo isn’t just me and David going alone. We are all a big web supporting each other. Have you ever wondered why

God gave us each different gifts? Why am I gifted with mercy, but not with organization and administration? Why is David gifted with teaching and leadership? Why are some able to make money every time they blink an eye and others are natural preachers? Wouldn’t it be easier to ‘have it all’. Perhaps if we did ‘have it all’ we would miss the very importance of relying on each other. The fact is we need you, fellow missioners... We cannot do this alone-its impossible!

I am honored to be on this journey with you all. We will keep you posted on our end of the journey and would love to hear from you on your end of the journey!

Love- your fellow missioner,


Ways to get involved with W and D going to Congo:


- Please pray for David as he is finishing up his last few weeks at Mountain Brook High School and joins the Make Way Partners team!

- Please pray for our financial support to be raised. We will begin relying off this support this June!

- Please pray for Sister Alvera, the women and children. Want to help them directly?

o Click Here to find out how:


Ø David and I are looking for supporters who can give a monthly pledge! Click Here if you would like to help (designate it for Whitney and David Milton)


There are wonderful short term opportunities! Check out this link:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

These are the children that Sister Alvera has taken in. What a blessing to hear them sing!